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Eco-cleaning- the green fairy will take care of it for you
Eco-Cleaning consists in preserving the integrity of the environment in the face of the impact of modern industry, technology and products used in our everyday Cleaning, which is also known for decades as “Green Cleaning”.  So what exactly does it mean to be green? Does it mean considered safe for humans and animals? Does it mean that a product is made from plants and not petroleum? Biodegradable? Less packaging? Recyclable?   Yes, But green must also mean “effective.” Green Cleaning goes beyond chemical and equipment choices, It includes procedures, responsibility & efforts that minimize the impact on the environment. A cleaning product that does not clean well is not good for the environment. Producing and packaging a useless cleaning product is a waste of time and energy, which is very “un-green.” Green Cleaning is the commitment to make, use, and dispose of cleaners with people and the environment in mind. You are making your world a little greener using a cleaning product that is safe and effective, and you follow all product instructions and dispose of the product properly.  What makes green cleaning so important?  Science has made it clear that cleaning products can have an impact on us and our environment, the use of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products strongly help reduce Global Warming, toxics in the air and possibly help reduce allergies and illnesses., Minimizing risks to exposure include ingestion, inhalation and dermal. For example:  *Contaminants from residues of cleaning products on food preparation surfaces. *Aerosol cans, fragrances used in products for odors and solvents all contain ingredients that can have a negative health impact when inhaled. *According to US EPA estimates, there is 100 times higher air pollution levels indoor than outdoor, much of this pollution comes from petrochemical cleaners.  *Shoes also can make a big difference indoors, bringing oil, antifreeze, animal waste, particulate pollution, pollen, and who knows what else into the house.   Other environmental impacts include the packaging bottles components made from petroleum and ingredients like phthalates used to keep them from becoming brittle and breaking or leaking. Packaging also includes cardboard shipping cartons made from “tree” fibers, and the chemical products are disposed down the drain or evaporate into the air where they have further impacts.
Here is 10 simple ways to go “Green”  *Change paper towels use for biodegradable sponges  *Replace air fresheners with Essential oils they are mostly plant-derived. *Use laundry soaps labeled “fragrance-free,” *Save water by not running it unnecessarily (turning it off when you brush your teeth will save 4.5 gallons each time.) *Save energy by using Fluorescent Light bulbs & watching the temp can help a lot Almost half a home's energy consumption is due to heating and cooling. (turn off all that is not being used) * Use compost instead of synthetic fertilizers on your garden, it provides soil’s well-being without the chemicals. *Recycle and throw out all the plastic you can. Switch to natural, organic materials look for the words