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   The MOST FANTASTICAL cleaning service in the world! The entire house feels like it went to a day at the spa - refreshed, sparkly, ready to help me live an inspired life! Truly there are few things in life that bring me such satisfaction. The attention to detail is impeccable.
Melissa O.

Fairy cleaners are the best cleaners I have ever found! They go the extra mile! Even refilling our dogs food and water dishes! They have saved weekends for our family!!! Thank you.
 Johanna H.
Hands down the best cleaners I have ever met. The fairy cleaners came within a few hours notice, of my cleaner not be available.Not only did my house SPARKLE AND SHINE, but they have things so organized. They arrived with their own cleaning products,which they had researched. In their cleaning supplies there is from goof off and razor blades to anything else that they may need to get the job done. When I had to be away for a week, they watched my two cats and house-sitted  my home....So of course I came home to a clean, organized home with two happy cats...This weekend they are holding a Yard Sale for me. I could not do all this work without them....They are HEAVEN SENT,and two of the nicest people I have ever met......Thank you ..YOU ROCK!!  
 Yvette F.
 I've been impress from the moment I called to the actual cleaning. They showed right on time, they both spoke English and they did exactly as I asked, Courteous, friendly, attention to detail, use of green products if you choose, flexibility with scheduling AND one of the best parts, they are really a Family business so you communicate directly with the owner anytime plus at least one of them is always present on the cleaning day . It's all here, they were really amazing and worth it. There was not one thing that I had to check before they left, they even filled the water for my dogs, very impressive.  Rates are very reasonable too.   I am giving a high recommendation to my friends and family and I will also call you again.                                     Barbara Goncalves
  My Husband and I are  SO Happy we took our  chances with The Fairies, being that we are so picky, it was always a nightmare to find Cleaning services that we could thrust. He got home before me and I asked him how the place looked and he texted me back with just:
Their service results are consistent, very detail oriented and personalized. It's no joke that customer satisfaction is their commitment.  Thanks for a sparkly home!                                                                            George C. Hyde
   It’s hard to find a company you can trust and that is affordable this days. The Fairy Cleaners was recommended to me by a coworker, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding!  i'm glad i found them.                   Sonia. A
    Friendly, efficient and always professional.  I absolutely Recommend THE FAIRY CLEANERS to everyone..                                                                                      Amanda Byrnes.
 I was in the middle of leaving an apartment and moving to my new condo,  my Mom insisted that i needed help and that she had the perfect company for it,  i have to say... the fairy cleaners was the best thing that happen to me, they not only took care of the old place but also helped me fix some details on the doors and walls not to get charged by my landlord, the stains on my carpets were terrible but they are history now. My new condo looks better than when it was on sale! they truly did an amazing job.  Mom Knows best... but the fairy cleaners are a family company  ;-) Thanks you so much for such great job!  Ill be calling again soon .. Maryangela.